Community Outreach

Beginning in 2016, our club started a community outreach campaign as an additional support effort. As citizens of the greater Tampa Bay community, we noticed that many of the public boat ramps have less than adequate fishing cleaning stations. To address this, our club partnered with Pinellas County Parks and Conservation Resources to build new, professional cleaning stations at the Belleair Causeway Boat Ramp.

Once the dust settled from this year’s tournament, we surveyed multiple county ramps and parks and chose Park Boulevard Boat Ramp as the improvement location for 2017 due to its lack of any cleaning facilities. We are pleased to announce that the new cleaning station is complete and located on the pier adjacent to the ramp. It is large enough for two anglers to share, equipped with running water and a professional wash-down, and constructed with a heavy duty design that overhangs the water allowing for easy clean-up and disposal of fish waste.

Belleair Boat Ramp

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